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Animals are very sensitive to hauntings. If your pet cat, dog, guinea pig, rabbit or other animal begins behaving strangely, you should start paying attention. They will often appear to be seeing something that you can't see, and will bark, whine, growl, hiss and/or cower and hide. They will often refuse to go into a certain room at times if not all of the time. Some pets will even refuse to eat.

Sometimes people make the mistake of crating their animal when it begins being frightened and hiding thinking it's for the animal's own safety. This is not a good idea if you have a spirit, because if a spirit is frightening your pet, you are then putting it in a position where it cannot escape the torment, and it could end up dying of fright or a heart attack. If this is a nasty spirit, it can take delight in frightening your pet to death.

Here's a true story that will demonstrate one possible haunting that affected a cat. The cat was moody with it’s owners after a move to a new apartment. The owners assumed as most people would that it was the process of moving which had the cat upset, and that in time she would settle in to the new place and be her old self again. As any pet owner knows, moving can be upsetting to an animal; new place, new smells, new sounds, new routine, etc., so everything seemed normal.

The cat always avoided one of the bedrooms, but the person who's bedroom it was just figured it was because the cat didn't like her anymore, and thought the cat just preferred the other rooms instead.

About a year later, the cat began hiding all the time, and eating less. The owners took the cat to several veterinarians thinking the cat may be sick or in pain to be behaving like that. Since animals will hide when sick, it was totally logical, but each vet they took the cat to said the cat was medically fine. The owners were frustrated thinking that their cat was sick but yet the vets couldn't find the problem.

Then they started getting mystery smells that would suddenly come and go, and other mild signs that they might have an unseen visitor. Although no obvious evidence could be found, a cleansing was done on their apartment. To everyone's surprise not only did the air seem lighter, but the cat stopped hiding and became affectionate to both owners. Her appetite picked back up and she would even go in the bedroom that she stayed clear of before, and would curl up to sleep on the bed in there.

Was there proof that there was a spirit on the premises? No, just subtle little things that may or may not have been caused by a ghost. But as of this writing which is 6 months from the time the apartment was cleansed, the cat still seems totally at ease and happy in the apartment. So in my opinion, there was something there that the cleansing chased out. The drastic change in the cat's behavior before and after the cleansing cannot be ignored. At times you may have full blown hauntings that the entire family including household pets react to, and at other times the haunting may be more subtle to where it's barely noticable to people, but Fluffy knows it's there.

Another interesting thing about animals and hauntings is how differently each animal may behave towards the same ghost because of their different personalities. For instance, I had brought home an actively haunted object. I had 3 dogs at the time, each with their own distinctive personality. I allowed each dog to investigate the object and the first one got right up on the object and growled at it continously until I pulled him away. The next dog loves to play fetch. After checking out the object she bounded over to her toy and sat it down in front of the haunted object and sat waiting and looking expectantly. She looked just like she was waiting for the haunted object to throw her toy for her to fetch. I see the same expression when she brings me her toy to throw for her. The last dog just acted frightened. When she's scared, she will glue herself to my thigh, and that was all she did other than avoid the spot where the object was. So although the energy was the same, the reations were vastly different.

So if you have a pet behaving strangely, it's always a good idea to take it to a vet to see if it may be a physical ailment. But if they come back with a clean bill of health, yet continue to behave out of character, or act like someone is there that you can’t see, you may want to pay closer attention to what they are reacting to. You can even start journaling the occurances to see if there is any kind of pattern. And of course you can always do a good house cleansing, and notice the changes after that.

S. Marlin
August 14, 2010

One day in mid-March 2020 my cat was sitting on a bench near my desk while I was sitting at my desk working on the computer. We both looked up as a small gray mist streaked by. My cat actually jumped up to grab it, and it crashed into a rolling chair about 7-8 feet away, knocking my thermal lunch bag out of the chair.

He (my cat) is often watching things that I don't see. I fully beleive that they can see into light spectrums that we can't see, which is why they can see spirits. My dog will sometimes watch things, but she is not interested in them the way the cat is.

Diana Blackthorn
March 28,2020

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