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I'm going to list some of the cryptids that I've heard about. I myself have never seen a cryptid unless you want to add fairies to this category.


Also know as Sasquatch, Wooly Booger, Skunk Ape as well as other names. Basically it is a huge hairy manlike being that sometimes has a more human face, and at other times it appears more ape like. Dr Melba Ketchum has studied DNA samples and discovered that Bigfoot have human DNA as well as unknown DNA. Bigfoot seem to be territorial at times, which is understandable if you approach an area where they may even have young. They make various types of tree structures. It is unknown whether these are territorial markers, sign posts to other Bigfoot, or something else entirely.

If you are in the forest, they may quietly watch you, or throw pebbles in your direction. I believe the pebble throwing is to warn you away from the area. It seems that people who ignore it and proceed get larger rocks thrown their way. Maybe even followed by a roar or scream. They seem to be able to emit a stench or a feeling of terror. If you still ignore them, they may bluff charge you, or you could find yourself in danger. Especially if you are carrying a gun.

Although people need to urinate here and there, if you do it near a Bigfoot, it seems to anger them. They are probably thinking you are claiming territory that is theirs.

In addition to whoops, tree knocking, roars and screams, they also seem to speak a language of their own. People have heard them speaking what's been called a "Samurai" language. Ron Morehead captured some audio called "Sasquatch Sierra Sounds" which has the language on it. Sierra Sounds

Although they mostly seem to leave people alone and want to be left alone, just like humans, they are individuals, and some may be more hostile than others. Use caution if you come upon one, and be aware that if you see one, there may be even more that you don't see, that are watching you.

If you have horses or livestock that freak out in the night, it's possible that they are being terrorized by Bigfoot coming to them at night. There have been reports of cows and horses being molested by them at night. If this is true, it could be younger males that don't have mates yet. This is just a guess. If you have sheep, goats, or feed etc. missing, this could be a Bigfoot problem as well. I have heard that putting sulfur (from your garden center) around your property line keeps them away.


Dogmen generally appear as huge werewolves. Many are described as being 6 foot or taller standing on their hind legs, and looking similar to the werewolf in the movie Van Helsing. They are generally built like a body builder. Some have man-like legs while others are described with canine legs. They all have humanish hands with long claws. Some have tails, and are generally black or gray and black. There seems to be a smaller reddish brown variety that do not have tails. They can travel on two feet or all four feet.

They look scary, and they stink. People get a sense of hostility or evil from them. Whether this is something these creatures radiate, or whether it's concocted by the human mind is unknown at this point. People often assign the word "evil" to things that they don't understand or that frighten them.

Most of the time they seem to watch people, but don't normally harm them. They've been known to scare the daylights out of people by running alongside their vehicles. If this is simply doglike behavior, or with intentions to harm the person is unknown. Of course even dogs chasing cars is a hunting trait.

If you have seen a Dogman, Vic Cundiff of Dogman Encounters Radio is a good person to contact. You don't have to be on his radio show, but can just get it off your chest to a sympathetic ear who has knowledge of the creature. Many people claim that they feel so much better after talking to him.


Can't say I know much about this one. It's a pale, ghoulish looking thing with skinny long limbs. Looks to be around five feet tall according to the videos I've seen. It walks hunched over, so it's hard to tell. Just seeing it terrifies people.


The Jersey Devil lives in the Pine Barrens in New Jersey. With the head of a horse with horns, long neck, bat wings, and a forked tail, it sounds like a small dragon to me. The Natives had tales of this creature long before the popular story of the Leeds. He was a guardian of a certain area of the forest which the Natives recognized and steered clear of. Then of course Europeans came along and assigned a story that a woman cursed her unborn child which came out as the Jersey Devil. That's the story that caught on with the public, but the creature is much older than that. Although it's been known to hiss at people and fly away, I have not heard of an attacks by it.


The Goatman is a Satyr, or Faun which has the lower legs covered in fur with hooves for feet and horns on it's head. Other than that, it looks like a man. There is one that was seen in a Georgia forested area not far from the town where the High School kids would make out. One dropped down out of a tree in front of a couple of High School kids scaring them pretty badly. It supposedly has been seen by other kids (no pun intended) as well. There have been reports of Goatmen here and there across the country, but they are pretty rare. They don't seem to attack. They show up, and people run away. I haven't even heard of them giving chase.

If you think about the old myths, Satyrs were known for being sexual. The sexual energy may be what brings them to an area. But I don't know if other areas where they've been spotted are "Lover's Lanes" or not.

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