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Here are some good ghost box and evps we've managed to capture. A ghost box or spirit box is a radio that is designed to scan through the stations without stopping on any of the stations. The theory is that spirits can manipulate it to talk in real time.
EVP (electronic voice phenomena) is obtained by using a analog or digital voice recorder and asking questions, then leaving time for a reply. Then you have to playback to hear whether you received an answer or not.

This one is from our investigation in Macon, GA. Ghost box.
Who's house is this?

This was also from the Macon, GA investigation. They were funny here. Ghost box.

I did this session at my home. They often have a sense of humor. Ghost box.

Another session at my home. Ghost box.

Ghost box session in my home.
Us, beside you.

A different ghost box session done in my home. You weren't allowed to say this word on the radio, so it rules out a random radio station.
Say shit

Another session at my home. Ghost box.
Get out, ha, ha, ha

I used to get requests for help a lot, so I would use the box to help them go into the light.
I see the light.

The next file is an evp that we got in the attic with the digital recorder on the Macon, GA investigation. I didn't hear any footsteps with my ears.

This one is hard to hear, but it is from my haunted doll named Misty. She is asking "Can you see me? Can you hear me?". This was captured on a cassette recorder.
Can you see me? Can you hear me?

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