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We humans are the ultimate tricksters. We feel smarter if we can pull the wool over another's eyes wiith fake ghost photos, videos, and just about anything else in life. There are ghost apps for phones that were popular for awhile. People would send those to investigators stating that they had a real haunting. Some people find other creative ways to try to fool their fellow humans. Other than wasting some poor well-intentioned person's time, who probably already works a 40 hour week, it's basically a harmless prank.

But there are dangers in ths field whether you're an investigator, trying to become an investigator, or even if you're a client. And I won't even get into how your neighbors may suddenly hate you and think you're sacrificing babies just because you have paranormal activity.

When people are first starting out, they need somewhere to investigate. Cemeteries and closed down hospitals are favorites for the would be investigator. But you need to keep in mind that most cemeteries are illegal to enter at night, and most closed down hospitals have "no trespassing" signs. But you CAN investigate cemeteries during the day. And aside from avoiding jail time for it should you get caught, you are less likely to trip over a headstone you didn't see while splitting your skull open on another headstone on your way down.

If you want to investigate a hospital, you are best off going to one like Waverly that allows that sort of thing. They also (I hope) would have the asbestos cleaned out so you don't end up with lung problems down the road. It's good to keep in mind that asbestos was commonly used at one time, and going into old dilapidated buildings puts you in danger of running into this. Plus there may be other unexpected things awaiting you such as bats, rats, insects, cockroaches, snakes, rotted spots in floors, etc... And as a bonus, if you're in Florida or Georgia, you get Palmetto bugs. For those not in the know, these are the creatures of nightmares. They are giant flying cockraches. And the fearless bastards have no qualms about flying into your face.

The biggest problems can arise by doing home investigations. Even with permission from the home owners. Some people are far worse than pranksters, and may accuse you of stealing great grandma's 50 carat diamond ring and actually sue you for it. If they actually have a valuable ring, they may hide it, sue you, collect the insurance money, and go about their happy little criminal way, while they go on a cruise to the Bahamas that you paid for. (They bought a summer home with the insurance money).

If you are a client, there are dangers for you besides the ghost you may have. Most "investigators" are regular people who watch a lot of tv shows and want a thrill. They don't know what they're doing, they can't help you, they just want a spooky experience at your expense. They may even taunt the spirit to piss it off so they can get "evidence", because they saw someone do it on tv. So not only will you have strangers tromping aroud your home but they may stir things up, and may even slide great grandma's diamond ring in their pocket on their way out! And in the meantime you have a very pissed off spirit on your hands and have lost a valuable heirloom.

I went to a well known website that shows investigation teams in each state. I went to check out what is in my new area (I moved cross country) out of curiosity. (I checked out the site out of curiosity. I didn't move out of curiosity.) The first one at the top of the listing was in Chinese once I clicked on it and probably contained a computer virus. I closed it out before it loaded and ran my anti-virus to be on the safe side. But my point is that most, not all, are fly by night operations filled with thrill seekers. You need to be really careful, and see if you can find someone legit. Also be aware of the type of group it is. Many legit groups are only in it for collecting evidence and helping the client resolve the problem is NOT what they do. This is why this website contains a "helpful tips" section. I do not consider myself an expert, but in my years I do have some experience in some areas. I have been able to help people in the past, and figured I'd share some things that have worked for people. I have no Cryptid experience but shared what I have heard works in that area as well.

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