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Flies are often associated with demonic hauntings because of the book and movie The Amityville Horror. Before freaking out if you have a lot of flies in a specific room, notice if that room is sunny. Flies tend to gravitate towards sunny windows. Basically, they want out. If you have children who are in and out of the house all day, flies can zip into the house. If you have holes in screens, they can come in that way too. They may be drawn to food smells, but then sometime during the day will go to a sunny window wanting to exit. Bees and wasps also go to sunny windows, and if you ever find one trapped in your car, notice which window is facing the sun. That's most likely where your flying insect will be. Turn the car in such a way that a window that opens is facing the sun, and open it. They will fly right out.

If the flies are in a certain room, always look for logical reasons before jumping to the conclusion that you have negative spirits there. See if you have anything there that may be attracting them. Food, rotten meat, super sunny location, etc..

That being said, some spirits and curses will have flies or other insect infestations come along with them. Just use your judgement before becoming frightened. If you have a negative haunting or have been cursed, there will be more phenomena besides flies. So if you suddenly start having bad luck, nightmares or if the rooms of your home seem darker and/or the air feeling heavier/thicker, you may need to seek help or find ways to help yourself.

D. Blacktorn
July 17,2020

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