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Investigation in Gainsville, Georgia

This investigation was performed at a private residense by a seven person HPS (Haxan Paranormal Society) team on August 20, 2006

The family had rented a seven room home with a basement about 6 months ago. The family consisted of a young couple, their two young daughters age 3 and 5, and the man's father who I will refer to as the grandfather.

There was a set of rosary beads hanging from a clothesline in the basement when the family moved in. None of the family members are Catholic, but had left it there thinking that just maybe they were there for a reason, and didn't think much more about it.

A few months later, an aunt came with plans to stay with them for awhile. She saw the rosary beads and took them. She left without saying a word, and no one knows where she went or why she left. All attempts to find her have failed.

The grandfather was the first to witness a candle fall off the mantle of the fireplace. With summer upon us, it's possible that the wax melted a bit and that the candle fell, so he put it back, but behind other candles and up against the back wall. This time the candle jumped over the other candles and such, hit the floor and broke.

The next incident was a pair of nail clippers fell off the mantle. They landed far from where it seemed normal, and the father had tried to replicate it by putting the clippers on the mantle and knocking them off. No matter how he did it, they would not land nearly as far as they had on their own. By their location, someone would need to have thrown them, not dropped them. Both the father and grandfather had witnessed the clippers.

The family started smelling a very foul odor and thought that it was a problem with the sewage lines. They contacted their landlord who sent out sewage specialists who went so far as to dig up a trench in the backyard to check the lines. Nothing was wrong. The smell apparently comes and goes.

The 2 children began waking up in the night screaming about a bad old man in one of their closets who wants to kill them.

The family dog started acting nervous, especially in the living room. He began piddling on the floor, once even after he just relieved himself outside. They took him to the vet for fear of the dog developing bladder problems, but the vet could find nothing wrong. The dog would sometimes jump at something in the air as if to bite it.

The younger of the 2 girls aquired an invisible friend who she described as a Mexican boy about 8 years old. His name was Paco. She was learning beginning Spanish at school, but would sometimes come up with advanced words who she said Paco taught her.

She said that he told her that she was a bad girl once, and threatened to cut off her legs with a knife, and told her that there was blood in her legs. He told her that he was dead, but when she was asked if he was dead, she said "Oh no, he plays around here all the time", so to her, he was alive. She had also reported 2 different traumas that he showed her he had been through. One was that he had fallen in the living room, bumped his head, and possibly blacked out, or died. The other scenario was that he was playing out in the front yard, got into the road, and run over by a car. They live on a busy road. I suspect one incident was simply traumatic to the boy while the other killed him. He probably got killed in the road, but we don't have evidence of anything like that yet.

Between things moving, doors slamming, the girl's being frightened by an invisible old man, the dog being frightened, and the youngest girl having her invisible friend, they were having activity just about every day. The father had gotten up at about 2:00 am to get some water, and heard footsteps behind him. He thought that it was one of the girls, but no one was there.

The grandfather had a similar experience, except he was touched on the back side of his leg. He thought it was one of the girls, but no one was there.

The mother who didn't really believe in ghosts saw the spirit of the old man which changed her mind about spirits.

In the parents bedroom, child sized handprints began appearing on the walls. They could not be replicated by pressing your hands on the wall, and couldn't be cleaned off. Most of them looked like a child having a grand time making big figure 8s in the paint. Some of these prints were up higher than the children could reach without climbing on something, and more appeared while the girls were staying with a relative.

During the preliminary investigation on August 17, 2006 the older girl suddenly didn't want to go into the living room because "he" was there. She said that she could see the old man sitting in the chair. She was desperately clutching at her mother, and was coaxed to go into the living room with our investigator. The investigator took some photos at that time, but nothing showed up. Then the little girl relaxed saying that the man disappeared.

Also during the preliminary investigation, the youngest girl started talking about Halloween and saying "Halloween has a knife to kill us". She started going on and on about it, stopped briefly and looked as though she just woke up, then went into a long spiel about Halloween and a knife, and someone threatening them. The mother was very disturbed about the girl's ramblings, and said that she never said anything like that before. The mother was genuinely worried. With all the talk of Halloween and knives, it reminds me of Michael Myers in the movie. But the parents said they don't let the children see those kind of movies. I can't totally rule it out in the event that they saw it on tv while at a relatives house. But most adults would not allow children that young to watch a movie like that. And for her to suddenly start talking about it over and over was strange.

The children were sent to stay with a relative Friday through Sunday. Thursday was the preliminary investigation. Friday night the mom was awakened to the feeling of hands scratching down her back. Then she saw a shadow going up the wall. She tried to wake her husband, but he told her to go back to sleep. The next morning he had red marks on his ribs as if he'd been hit.

The girl's closet is designed with a bizarre feature. There is a little door in the side wall that we initially thought was a laundry shoot. But we discovered that it only goes up to the attic and not down. The hole is too small for even a slender adult to fit into, but a small child can fit. This also seems to be the only way into the attic. The father had tried going up in that hole twisted in every position, but it's simply too small for an adult.

The hole also had that thick feeling to the air in it which made my arm go goosebumpy when I initially stuck it in the hole. Then that feeling disappeared.

There was a felt decorative towel which reportedly slid down the banister in the basement. That did not alarm me, because that could happen naturally. While we were investigating, one of our investigators began talking to a spirit asking it to move the towel, and it began to sway on its own. It then stopped, but started again at her request. We captured some of that on video.

We got a couple of quick blips on the emf meters which may indicate spirit, and longer readings near the living room clock and circuit breakers which is normal near electrical items. That indicates the electronics radiating emfs.

We got a few orb shots and a couple of strange shots of reflections in the glass of the family photos on the wall. One looks like a typical Halloween ghost with arms up ready to say "boo". The other resembles the face of an old man.

We didn't get any unusual temperature readings, and no evps.

Before we banished the spirits and cleansed the house, we attempted communication with the spirits by sitting at the family's large solid wood dining room table and asking for a knock as a yes to our questions. We never got a knock, but did get a vibration in the table which turned into shaking the table. It would stop and start in answer to our questions. I asked the family if they ever felt the table shake or vibrate, and they said no, and looked perplexed by the question. If a person were doing it, we would have been able to see it, so I believe it was genuine phenomena. One of our investigators got scratched on her arm during this session, and another investigator started feeling like she couldn't breathe.

After the cleansing, the family came in and said that the house felt different. The dog had immediately gone and grabbed the beanbag chair in the living room, and was playing with it in the living room.

We did a follow-up with the family several months later, and they reported that the house is calm and quiet. The children are not waking up in the middle of the night, and are not frightened. There has been no mention of the boy or old man. The dog seems happy and will even choose to go in the living room by himself and sleep there now.

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