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Ghosts of our pets are quite common. Especially if you've had them since they were babies. They seem to hang around for awhile, but slowly fade away from this dimension to the Otherworld (the land of Spirit).

One cat that I had pass away would meow at me. A dog that I had that I had a very strong bond with would make his presence known for a few months after he had gone.

And then on the other hand, some animals seem to hang around for longer periods of time. I had a ghost cat in an apartment that would play with my living cat's ball, batting it right and left, while moving forward. I also have a ghost cat, who plays with my husband's feet just about every night. I also feel him jump on the bed, and thinking it's my cat, I look, but it's often the ghost cat and not my living cat. A medium said that we had a ghost cat that had never belonged to us in life, but is living with us now, so that helps validate what we're experiencing. You can feel the weight of it as it jumps on the bed and walks around on it. I've even heard the crunching of cat food while my living cat is asleep.

There also seem to be ghostly wild animals. Maybe they are so in their habits here in the physical plane, that it takes while to adjust to the realm of Spirit. It seems there are always more questions than answers in this field.

Diana Blacktorn
March 28,2020

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