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Why are objects haunted? A house is easy to understand, but objects can be a bit more mystifying. What makes it even more perplexing is that these are generally intelligent hauntings, and not just residual. The answer that I have come up with is that many spirits feel they need a "house" of sorts in the physical in order to remain here. It gives them an anchor to the physical world. This is why I feel dolls are often the vessel they choose, simply because it looks human.
In the case of dolls or other toys, it could be that a child who died had that object as their favorite and simply never let go of it.

Misty the haunted doll. She was my first, and she remains my favorite. The woman who I got her from claimed there would sometimes be a mist around here, hence they named her Misty. I had 3 dogs at the time, and when I got her, I sat her in a rocking chair in the living room. EAch of my dogs reacted differently to her, but it was interesting how they ALL reacted. They've never acted this way towards a doll before. My male dog had stood in front of the chair growling and snarling at her. My happy go lucky dog who loved to play fetch kept bringing her ball to Misty and looked as if she expected her to throw it for her. My other female dog wanted nothing to do with her, and when me or my husband went into or out of the living room, she would plaster herself against our leg to come and go with us. They all settled down after a couple of days, but it was definitely weird.

To make things even weirder, each night little doll-sized footprints appeared in the carpet going from the chair into the living room, then into the adjoining study, and then were heading to the bedroom, when I put the doll on the top of a tall bookcase. The footprints stopped. Do I think the doll was actually walking around? No. But something sure was going on. In fact the footprints were not indentations in the carpet, but lighter spots that could not be vacuumed or rubbed away. They gradually faded away in time.

Misty had actually shown herself so I could get a photo of her when asked. I had asked if she could show herself as an orb, or an apparition, and she gave me both. I tried at other times to see if I could get a better photo, but she never did it again.

She also gave me an EVP which is very hard to hear, but it says in a whispery voice "Can you see me? Can you hear me?"
Can you see me? Can you hear me?

Here is a haunted antique radio. The spirit's name is Todd. This radio is so old I don't dare keep it plugged in due to it possibly being a fire hazard. But what this radio does, is it writes things on the top. It looks like someone wet their finger and writes on the top. You won't see it happening, but it will happen. That's how we found out the name of the one who haunts it.

I also have a haunted Santa doll. Santa doll was known to open or close doors according to his previous owners. At first he would produce loud banging sounds when I first got him. Especially when I was soaped up in the shower. I'd go running to see who was banging on the door so hard and frantically, but there wouldn't be anyone there. This would happen every day when I showered which was not the same time of day each day. He also enjoyed turning the shower back on after I turned it off. I dry off before stepping out of the shower. That's when he would turn it back on. I guess he has a sense of humor.

I had placed him on top of a bookcase, and I had the impression that he didn't like it up there. The pounding sounds had totally stopped.

I have since brought him down, and I believe that he closed the door halfway once in front of me and my dog. I took it as his way of letting me know that he was still present, but without the super loud banging which may earn him time on top of the bookcase again.
When I asked him to show himself for a pic, there was this lovely lavender orb.

A haunted mirror. Now this object was a doozy! I purchased it from a man who claims to have gotten it at a yard sale in Louisana. He had brought it home in a box of other goods, and gave the mirror to his wife, who put it on her vanity.

This is a silver-plated hand mirror. The story goes that the man heard his daughter up in his bedroom talking. He had assumed that she was having a tea party with her dolls and stuffed animals, and went to join her. To his surprise, she was sitting there talking to no one. When he asked her who she was talking to, she said "The lady from Mommy's new picture". He asked "what new picture?", and she went to the vanity and picked up the mirror. That freaked him out, since there was no picture there, and no lady that he could see.

When he took the picture to put it up for sale, it looks like a face with a hood on it's head, so you know I just HAD to have it.

When it arrived, you could feel something strange and negative coming off of it. It also made me feel like I did not want to look at my reflection in it. I forced myself, but it made me feel strange to do so. I did not tell other members of the Haxan team what I felt from it, so that I could get objective opinions from them without it being clouded with my experiences. Several of the others expressed the same feeling, that they did not want to look at themselves in the glass. The entity in the mirror also feels non-human.

There was a fellow at work who was versed in magic, and wanted to see the mirror, so I brought it to work with me. He had shaken it violently trying to see if anything was in there. He nearly dropped it, and said "Oh yeah. Something is definitely in there, it's not human, and it's trying to get out."

Everyone was telling me that I should get rid of it. After that fellow shook it, I think he angered it. Because then it started attacking me. If it was near me that night, I suddenly felt physical pain in every vertabrae in my neck and back, and all my joints. It took it several hours to calm down again.

I have not had a reaction that bad from it since. But it is still a very strange item. Sometimes you can see a face in it as if it's deep inside. At other times people have seen their own eyes turn black while looking in it. One night, a friend was holding it, but the reflection would not stay still and was shaking. He passed it to another friend, and it did the same with him. I took it, thinking that they just didn't have steady hands, and try as I might, I couldn't hold it steady either.

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