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True Hauntings - There are a variety of hauntings that people generally experience. Some are "true" hauntings, while others are not. A "true" haunting is the classification of when an intelligent spirit is present at a specific location. For whatever reason, when the person died they remained at a certain place, and will often make themselves known to anyone else who intrudes on their space.

Sometimes the ghost is angry that others are invading their space, while other ghosts are not angry, yet evidence of their coexistence at a location is seen, heard or felt by the living.

Another type of true haunting can be the attachment of a non-human spirit to a place or person. At times these spirits may have been conjured by dabblers in magic, and at other times they may be non-human spirits connected to the land.

True hauntings are caused by earthbound spirits. They may be here due to a fear of going to hell, or they may have unfinished business. They could feel that there was injustice involved in their death, and want the truth known. They may not even realize that they're dead if it happened suddenly. Or they may have loved their home so much that they don't want to leave it.

These are the spirits that are aware of the presence of the living, and will interact with them. If they are angry spirits, they may produce poltergeist-like activity. Otherwise, you may hear footsteps, or have things move, smell aromas, see shadow people or apparitions, ect. If you talk to them, they may respond to you. For instance, if you ask them to speak to you into a microphone, you may get an evp from them. Some may want to communicate with you to settle the issue that is holding them here so that they can move on.

Hagging - Many people experience this phenomena, yet are afraid to admit it to anyone partly due to fear of the situation, and partly due to fear of ridicule from family, friends, and church. Hagging or being Hag Ridden is the term used when a person is awakened from sleep feeling pressure on their chest or throat. Generally a spirit form of some sort is seen on top of them. Sometimes the spirit is seen as an old woman, hence the term "hag".

Haunted Objects - Just as a place can be haunted, at times an object will be haunted. Sometimes a person will have been so attached to a specific belonging of theirs that they remain with it after death. This can happen with just about any object; beds, dolls, clocks, pianos, a piece of jewelry, etc.

Residual Hauntings - One type of phenomena that may be considered a haunting of a sort, but is not a true haunting is the place memory, which is a residual energy or imprint from a very emotional or traumatic experience. An event will replay over and over, yet the spirits associated will not be aware of, nor interact with the living. Apparitons and/or sounds are heard, and they are always the same.

Ghost lights - Ghost lights are unexplained lights which seem to have no physical source. They can be a wide variety of things from swamp gas, ball lightning, earth lights created by the earth's electromagetic field, or even actual ghosts or fairies.

Fairies - These types of spirits tend to be trickstery, but generally not in a bad way. They can be inconvenient though. They may hide your keys or other shiny objects. Just kindly ask for the back, and they will appear again. Some ghosts do this too, so sometimes it's difficult to know whether you have a ghost or a fairy. Fairies can be helpful too, if you develop a peaceful living arrangement with them.

Poltergeists - Although the word poltergeist means "noisy ghost", a poltergeist is generally the result of telekinetic activity coming from a pubuscent child (who is usually female) in the house. Although this may sound strange, some children when going through puberty can cause all sorts of physical effects in their environment. The child is generally as clueless as the adults that they are the cause of the phenomena. But in these rare cases the combination of heightened emotions along with raging hormones can produce poltergeist activity. This activity includes objects moving about or being thrown, things slamming, lights flashing or suddenly all going out at once.

At times this phenomena can last into adulthood, especially if the child had a traumatized past. This phenomena will disappear as suddenly as it appeared.

This phenomena is not limited to the living, and could also be the result of a true ghost.

Visitations - Visitations are not actual hauntings, but are the result of a loved one who has passed on actually dropping in for a short visit. They do not remain earthbound as ghosts are, but are simply dropping in to say "hello". They will try to make their presence known in a wide variety of ways. Usually it will be something that meant something to them and the one who they are visiting. For instance finding a feather in a strange place could be a visitation from someone who loved birds or angels. A phone call may come in with what seems to be no one on the other end with a caller I.D. of someone who had passed on. That would be a visitation.

Portal Hauntings - Every now and then, a person may build a house over a portal. A portal is like a doorway which many spirits pass back and forth through. Portals occur naturally, and may not be noticed until a house is plopped on them. Portals will fairly consistently produce phenomena in pictures, be it orbs, ectoplasm, or vortexes. Someone living with a portal may have problems with some of the spirits that have passed through it.

It's also worth noting that people can open portals, and if they forget to close them, or don't know to close them, they will remain open. This is what frequently happens with spirit boards. People open a portal to speak with spirits, and don't properly close the session.

Fairy Woods - This goes along with the subject of portals, but in a different way. This portal is one that the living may accidently cross into, and find themselves in a realm in which fairies are one type of inhabitant.

If you enter a fairy woods portal, you may see dancing lights, or a glow that's like a fairy ring circle. If you follow the lights, you will never catch up with them, because they tend to keep a certain distance. It's wisest not to follow the lights, and instead quickly return the way that you came, because you may find yourself lost forever. This is called being fairy lead.

A hint to knowing whether you have entered a portal is that the scenery will change. If you could see a road, the road may be gone. If you were in thick forest, you may find yourself in a field. Moving portals may appear as mist, but if you shine a light on it, the mist will disappear, unlike normal mist, which will reflect the light.

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