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Flying Witches/Llorona

I have lived in these parts. I was raised there. My home was actually 1-1.5 hours north. Monterrey is south of Brownsville Texas across the US border. Many many folks have seen these "witches". Although I have to say not all reports account for the scary looks. There are many reports. It is almost common knowledge there.

My personal contact was much less scary. My mother was driving home one late night. We were driving through the mile long fields of corn, cotton, and onions. I was admiring the night when I began to hear a low humming. My sister and brother looked at each other. I was sure we all heard the humming. It wasn't the movie version "ahhhhhhhhhh ohhhh im gonna get you ohhhhhhh". Hahaha. But it was a hum and an ahhhhhhh at the same time.

Then we saw six females. They were walking/floating above the tall corn. The corn would sway and move toward the sides as they walked, BUT they were walking on top of the corn stalks. I dont want to say floating because you can see them pick up thier feet and walk on the corn even if they were practically in mid air. The corn must have been about 6 feet at least. There were 3 walking toward the road coming from the east and another 3 coming from the west. It appeared to me as if they were walking toward each other to meet. The one in the middle was holding something in her hands. I never saw red eyes, nor hats, nor old features. They did not have distorted body features although I remember thinking of animals when I saw them. I cant say I thought of a bird either. I had thoughts of dogs, wolfs, and cats. The animals were not seen, but I felt they had a presence. They were mostly dark because of the night, but you can see they were pale. They had hour glass figures. That's why I say they are women. They were not thin nor fat. All wore either a fitted dress or a robe. The clothing was dark. The one toward the right side, coming from the east, had long hair. The hair would get caught with the corn as she walked. They simply walked. The humming grew louder as they came closer to the road. So imagine if you will... We are driving to a point of which they were walking towards. It looked like we would intersect them right on time. The weird thing is the timing. I mean our car was going probably 40mph and they appeared to be walking slowly like a normal walk. Normally, our car would have passed them in seconds with the speed they walked. They were in the middle of the field coming toward the road. Yet despite the difference in speed, we all met at the same time. The car headlights did not illuminate them. It may have been because it was a dark night. The moon just offered a sliver of light. They remained shadow like, yet we saw pale faces and clothing.....definitely not shadow people (too many details). I was alarmed because I really thought my mom was going to run over them. My sister covered her eyes so she wouldn't see them get runned over. My brother covered his ears with his hands and closed his eyes. I was mesmerized by one. I wanted to see her. I just couldn't. I couldn't take my eyes off of her. I saw one foot take a step onto the road. I looked down to see the foot. I saw a hand reach out. Nothing happened. They disappeared. The humming stopped at the moment of interception. As soon as we saw them near the road side they disappeared. Had we stopped she would had touched my face when she reached out. I didnt blink. They just dissappeared.

It seems all three of us was in shock or mesmerized because no one said anything during the expierence. As soon as they diseppeared we all alerted our mom excitedly. Mom, Mom, Mom! Did you see them!? We told our mom. She shrugged it off and said it was the Llorona. There is a tale that a woman killed her kids. Some versions say someone else killed her kids. She forgot what she had done (if she killed them) and spent her life, eternity, looking for her kids. So people all over the border say they hear a woman crying while searching for her kids. She finds kids and takes them with her. She prefers babies. Then by next evening she has forgotten again and searches again. So my mom said perhaps she saw us kids and they wanted to get us. hahahaha. But the thing is that La Llorona is usually alone. These females were 6 all together. My brother pointed that out.

Whatever it was, whoever they were, they remain unforgotten with me. I can remember that night clearly. It was a strange experience that I still wonder about. Especially since my mother was not alarmed or bothered by this. She acted like this was normal. My mother will always be a mystery to me. She harbors many secrets.

Naturally we turned back to see the ladies. My brother, my sister, and I pressed our faces to the glass. They were not there. My mother just drove on.

I moved away. My brother stayed in town. He told me 3 years ago he had another incident with the witches. He doesnt call them ghosts. He said there was a witch following his car. He could not see a face nor how she was flying. He just knew she was on the outside of the passenger door. He said he was alarmed but not scared. Nothing happened. She flew away. He told me it was as if she did not know, as if she didnt ackowledge his presence. He continues to go through the same road hoping for another encounter. Mile 14 and the canal weaving through it has always had many incidents. Many deaths. Many mysteries. The trees were cut off to make it "safer". Its not safer. Its just uglier.

Cynthia Silva

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