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Investigation in Macon, Georgia

This investigation was performed at a private residence by a seven person HPS (Haxan Paranormal Society) team in 2006. It was a very complicated case where there was at least one resident spirit, but also a very negative spirit that was sent via a curse to destroy this family. The people had come home one day to a dead dove on their front porch, with symbols written on their door in it's blood. The father started getting effected first, and just like in the movie The Shining, his personality began changing from a loving husband and dad, to a short tempered man who painted the basement in dark red and nearly black green, and spent most of his time there. He would often lose his temper and throw things and swear, which was becoming his new normal until he wandered into the woods to kill himself. Thankfully he was unsuccessful, but was institutionalized after that incident.

Next, it started effecting the mother healthwise. To make a long story short, the mother had called our team to come in. When I was cleansing her, and then the kids, the older daughter would not allow it and abruptly left with her friends. The mother called us a few days later saying the older daughter, who was sixteen, and previously afraid of the basement with good reason was now staying and sleeping in the basement. She had also developed a bad temper and had begun swearing at her mother, sister and boyfriend, and had begun throwing things. We had to get that attachment off of her remotely since the spirit would not allow us near her.

We succeeded in getting the spirit gone, and the curse lifted. The daughter became her old self again, and the mother's health improved.

Here are some ghost box communications that we received. They are in the order which we received them.

Who's house is this?





Been angry


House was here first.

Even though we are looking to speak with the spirit on the premises, others will speak through the ghost box as well. That does not mean they are normally residing at the location, but may be passing through.
The ghost box is simply a radio that has been altered to where it continuously scans radio stations instead of landing on them. The theory is that the spirits can somehow manipulate it to speak to the living.

The next file is an evp that we got in the attic with the digital recorder. I didn't hear any footsteps with my ears.


The picture below shows a strange light. We did not see any light such as a firefly in the area. This does not look like an ordinary orb, but like it is glowing with a light of it's own. I provided the actual picture and a close up.

The next pictures show the older daughter's friend's leg with scratch which happened right after we arrived. I am not certain whether she subconsciously scratched an itch causing the mark.

The final picture is of a very bright orb in the yard which could be a spirit, but is more likely a dust particle. This also gives you a comparison to an orb light as opposed to the one I suspect to be a spirit light.

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