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If there is a controversial subject in the paranormal that gets peole really heated up, it's orbs. Especially in photographs. Why is this, you ask? It's because digital cameras seem to be orb happy. In the old days, when cameras used film, you rarely got an "orb" in a photo. You would get lens flare, which everyone jknew about, but if an orb showed up, people didn't quite know what to make of it, and it was pretty rare.

So now we're in the digital age, and orbs are everywhere! And someone had gotten the idea that they were spirits. In reality the majority of them were either dust, pollen, or moisture. Notice I said the majority. Plenty of people want to say they all ALL one of those three, but I tend to disagree, and I'll tell you why.

If you take a few shots in a room and don't disturb anythng, but ask for an orb person to show up for a photograph, they usually do!n So if you weren't getting any orbs, then ask, and they appear, I would say it's spiritual in nature. Of course then the question arises - is it an external spirit or is it us projecting it with our spiritual energy?

Another reason why I believe that some orbs are spirits is that some people who have psychic sight can see them with their naked eyes and tell you where to point the camera. One friend once told me there were 3 of them sitting o the carport roof. I took a pic, and there were three orbs. Not 1, not 8, but 3. Another friend would see the man who would come down from the upper part of a tree in our yard when asked. You can see a man's head and shoulders in one pic of him. He's wearing a suit and tie.

Since then, I have seen some orbs of light. The latest one I saw was slowly cruising down the isle between my row of desks at work and the next row. It was a bit bigger than a soft ball. And that was not dust. Dust doesn't look like a ball of light. If it did, the inside of my house would be brightly lit.

In photos, you have to watch for insects too. WHen they go whizzing by and the flash hits them, they can look like orbs, glowing worms, or fairies. Lots of folks are taking pics of wooly aphids, fairy may flies, and I've even seen one that was a spider.

And as if orbs aren't having enough fun stirring p the paranorma community, they have now entered the Bigfoot community to cause their controversy there. Have you heard? Orbs of light are being seen near Sasquatch areas. So the mystery continues....

And speaking of mysteries, my husband made an energy apple and tossed it to the Orb People (since we don't know what they really are, it's as good a name as any). I took a pic and sure enough a red orb showed in the pic. And of course I can't find the pic of the green apple that I did on another outing.

Play! Experiment! Have fun with it and see what you get.

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