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Everyone knows that a place can be haunted, and even objects, but what may be lesser known is that people can be haunted. Somewhere along the line, they attracted a spirit of some type. Sometimes this has happened in childhood, with others it could have happened as adults. Many people have not had the best childhoods. Feelings of loneliness, sorrow, abandoment, anger, frustration, feelings of helplessness can all attract a negative entity, or the child may even create a thoughtform crafted from these feelings. Especially when these types of feelings are frequent. That entity whether it's an external entity or a thoughtform is going to feed off this type of energy. Therefore life may not go as well as it could for these individuals, because a happy go lucky person is not the energy environment that these types of entities can live in.

Adults can pick these critters up anywhere, but especially bars. Many people who go to bars are trying to drown their sorrows. It attracts negative entities even though the atmosphere appears to be happy and party time. People who frequent bars are generally unhappy. So people can pick up hichhiking entities there.

Some psychics can see these entities in people. They are usually half in and half out of the person's body, or pressed tightly up against their back. I have a theory as to why some psychics can see them while others don't. We as humans see into a very small part of the light spectrum. I think some people with psychic sight see more of the infred spectrum where the lower entites seem to be visible, while other psychics see more of the ultravilet spectrum where the higher vibrational spirits and angels are visable. so just because a clairvoyant can't "see" it, doesn't mean it isn't there.

The way to tell, is if you have hauntings everywhere you move to. You may think you just have a knack for moving intoo haunted houses, but if the phenomena is the same, it's the same spirit. It is with you, not the house. There is no need to freak out over this. Think of it like you caught a cold that you haven't shaken off. YOu just need to find the right formula to get back to full health again.

I know it's easier said than done, but try rising your vibration. Go out in the sunlight and do things that make you happy. Look at yourself in the mirror and tell the spirit that it's time to go. That you are taking your power back and that it no longer has a hold on you, then imagine drinking in bright white light through every pore in your skin from your environment. If you want someone else to do it, look into people who do spirit releasment. This is not possession, although it is similar. Possession is a full takeover of your body and you may not remember what happened during the possession. This is an attachment, and the spirit may influence you to make certain choices. But the choice you make are ultimately yours.

You can try burning Frankincense to uplift the energy in your environment. You can wear a dab of frankincense oil, or lavender oil on your solar plexes both front and back, and put a dab of oil at the base of your skull where it meets your neck at the back. It is called the Mouth of God, The Golden Chalice, and the Chinese call it the Ghost Door. In some magical practices, this are is opened intentionally to be temporarily possessed by a spirit. But to the unwary, this are can be utilized by a spirit without the person''s consent. Also in the solar plexus chakra area which is our will center. They tend t go through the back because they are trying to be sneaky.

If the entity bothering you is actually a thoughtform created by you, you can set an expiration date for it. In magical practices thoughtforms, also known as servitors or Tulpas are created to accomplish certain tasks for the magician. A death date is also set for them, because if they are not given one, they can go rogue and feed off the magician too much as well as cause other problems. Use your imagination to see what your thoughtform looks like and then set the intention and say aloud that "I created you, and now I am destroying you. You're expiration date is (name the date and time), where you will no longer exist and dissolve into pure positive energy." The date can even be the same day.

You may find yourself feeling empty after having a tag-along for possibly years. Fill the void with something positive. Expanding your higher self is perfect for this. Be more of who you truly are, and invite love and goodness into your life.

Some people have a little more trouble rising out of the funk they've been living in. You may want to start wearing protective jewelry such as shungite, black tourmaline, or uplifting stones like amethyst, or angelite. They are making some beautiful organite pendants these days too. Organite absorbs negative energy and transforms it to positive energy. You may want to put some pieces of selenite around your home. Don't get it wet though. It dissolves in water.

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