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Here are a few paranormal podcasts that you may enjoy.

Beyond the Darkness Radio - offers a wide variety of topics and guests.
Beyond the Darkness

Dogmman Encounters - Experiencers tell about their dogman experiences.
Dogmman Encounters

Into the Fray Radio - offers a wide variety of topics and guests.
Into the Fray

Paranormal Portal - offers a wide variety of topics and experiencer call ins as well as guests. You can also contact the host if you have stories of your own, or if you need help with a haunting.
Paranormal Portal

and on Youtube
Paranormal Portal

Sasquatch Chronicles - Experiences tell of their Big Foot encounters.
Sasquatch Chronicles

Strange Familiars - Discussions about the paranormal.
Strange Familiars

The Paranormal Podcast - Discussions with guests about the paranormal.
The Paranormal Podcast

World Bigfoot Radio - All about Big Foot. This is Youtube, and they have some interesting footage.
World Bigfoot Radio

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