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Mom and Pop Ghosts - This is a quaint term commonly used in the paranormal field to mean that the spirits are just regular folk who remained behind for some reason. It may be the love of their home, unfinished business, waiting for something or someone, etc... They are not harmful to the living, but may share the same space, and even try to make the living family live by their rules by showing their displeasure at what they view an inappropriate behavior. For instance if a member of the living uses profanity, the ghost may not approve, and attempt to convey that message to the living by frightening them.

Mom and Pop ghosts may be seen, heard, and often smelled. It could be the aroma of fresh baking bread, a favorite perfume, a pipe or cigar, etc.

Negative Ghosts - These are ghosts of people who who once lived that are holding onto their hurt and/or anger. These could even have been violent people in life. These ghosts may attempt to frighten and even hurt the living. They seem to thrive and even feed off of fearful energy produced by the living, so will deliberately frighten those that are near it. If the situation between this sort of spirit and the living is not dealt with appropriately, it's power will grow stronger causing a truly frightening life for whoever lives or works in the spirit's proximity.

Demons - Many a non-human spirit tends to get classified as a demonic spirit. When people think of demons, they usually think of it in a biblical sense. Many spirits labeled "demon" appear to be various sorts of non-human spirits. Some also turn out to be negative human spirits mimicking a "demon" in order to frighten the living by turning religous items upside down and such. A true demonic spirit would be quite powerful, and are very rare. They generally have to be summoned by someone. This is not a dimension that is a natural environment to them.

Thougtforms - People create thoughtforms, which can take on a life of their own. Some people do this deliberately, and know how to do it properly so that it won't get out of hand. But if a depressed or angry person spends enough time in those states, they can create a negative thoughtform which will end up running amuk. They require negative human energy to exist, so they will do what they can to keep people in that state so that they can live.

Amalgams - Amalgam spirits occur from tragedies. For instance, if a plane crash were to happen, all the people's fear would create a powerful amalgam of spirit energy. This can be mistaken as a demon, because it would put off a negative vibration, and behave in a negative and even predatory manner.

Shadow Beings - Shadow beings can range from small scurrying critters to full grown tall men. Although no one knows what all the varieties of shadow beings are, some are simply ghosts. Because they appear as dark shadows that are blacker than the night, people often fear them, assuming they are negative. So far the evidence seems to imply that some shadow people are negative while others are not. Shadow people have to be dealt with on a case by case study.

Nature Spirits - Nature spirits, elementals, land wights are all part of the world we live in. They are generally associated with certain areas of land or water, certain plants or trees, or an elent - earth, air, water or fire, all of which we couldn't live without. The way they look is varied. Some are tiny, some are large, some are friendly, others are not, and want to be left alone. Some are beautiful, while others look frightening. It's not advisable to mess with these spirits, because they can be very dangerous. If you have one troubling you, it is best to try to strike a peaceful living agreement with them than to try to cast them out.

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